Working as an independent escort, what is it like?

An independent escort is service which is provided without a company or agency mediating the relation between the service provider and the client. This means the supplier is the one who selects the clients, sets their rates, working hours and encounter place. Having this in mind let´s explore a little more about this world and how this independent workers deal with the job.

First, how are independent escort services contacted?

Nowadays, there is a bunch of ways where this service can be found, websites, social media mail or a reference from a previous client can help you contact this service providers.

How is the client selection process?

For most independent escort providers, serious clients and safety is top on the list.  New clients can contact them by mail or phone text message. When the possible client contacts them, the service provider may ask some information to validate this person is who he is claiming to be. Even not all of these requirements may be asked it is normal to request for an ID, a picture, or a social media link where she can verify who she is  really talking to.

For some other, beside the identity, is important to know a little about the client´s personality and much of that information may be taken for the message sent in their request mail. There are some guys who send mails as if they were ordering a fast food delivery service! For some service providers, this just won’t work. They may understand the clients’ requirements and the fact that they have to set the day, time, place and what they are going to do, but it is important to know how to write it. The girls are not a fast food restaurant they are experienced sex workers, so there has to be some respect for the profession and the professional.

In case you plan to use their mails to please yourself without hiring the service think twice. A real client usually contacts the girl, goes through the selection process and hires the service. Those who plan to please themselves from the girls mails are going in the wrong direction, and won’t be taken for further consideration.

What about the place and the rates?

Some of these girls may use their own place as their “working office” some of them may have a place to work, different from the one where they live and they also may work by incall, going to the clients preferred place.

When it comes to the rates, there is an important difference for them, between working independent and working for an agency. That may be one of the reasons; they decide to work as an independent escort. As independent escort, they set their rate for the service. It seems that when they work for an agency, it usually takes an important part of their earnings, which ends up being a disadvantage.

The rates are also defined by the service she will provide, the time and even by the city where they are working. In average it goes from 200 to 300 USD per hour, that doesn`t include special services that may have an extra charge or if it is an incall or an outcall service. Also for some girls the minimum hiring is an hour service and the rate per night may also vary or be negotiable.

What are some of the services provided?

These are just some of the services provided, we have to make clear it depends on each independent escort what are their DO and DON’Ts but here is an example of common works done by them:

Full service, girl friend experience,  strap-on, blow job, bare back blow job, covered blow job, ball licking & sucking, cowgirl, dining at the y, DATO, golden shower, massage, 69, hand job, come in mouth, couples, cross dressers, fetishes and role play.

There are much more, but again these are some of the basic ones.

What about the payment method?

Some of them are paid in cash and some other accept e-transfers. In both cases the payment is agreed upon and taken before the service is provided at the moment they meet for the encounter.

Is it legal?

It actually depends on the country and the way the service is hired. As an example in the UK, people are legally allowed to pay for sex, if the person is over 18 and it was not forced to work as a prostitute. But in this same country, it is against the law to pay for sex with him/her where the agency controls the escorts, also pining, running a brothel or trying to find clients in the street is illegal. In the end, this service exists within the laws’ grey areas, so it turns out to be half legal.

Is the appearance what matters the most?

When we talk about first impressions, if we are hiring an independent escort service, we are sometimes looking for specific great appearance, but you will be surprised to know, there are other reasons for hiring this service. Beside the look some are expecting to receive a special service. There are some girls who can say their clients enjoy the conversation, there are others who are looking for someone to listen to them, and some others hire them for the girlfriend experience, in which the girls join the client into events, an important diner, a party, or just going to the movies. Also there are some girls who are extremely good at some specific sexual service and their clients rehire them for it.

Just girls?

Even this is not the most common service there are also independent male escort services. They offer male companion, striptease services and some other activities. In this case there are some who are specialized in straight companion for women and some other services are focused in guys companion for men.

There is a wide range of services in this field, you just have to search what you want and for sure you will find the answer/person that pleases you the best.